Medical Liability and Telehealth Care

Reducing medicolegal risks associated with telephone triage and advice is an important focus for the Section on Telehealth Care.

AAP News Articles Pediatricians and the Law

Telephone Care Requires Use of Language That Paints Clear Picture for Parent, Doctor March, 2008

Answering the Call: Pediatricians Should Educate Themselves, Staff on How to Provide Telephone Advice. October 2007

"Pediatric Telephone Care Malpractice Claims Highlight Need for Risk Management Strategies
September, 2005.

"Use of Telephone Triage Protocols Can Protect Patients, Curb Lawsuits"
September, 2003

"Take Steps to Reduce Risks Associated with Phone Triage" October, 2002

"Liability Risks of E-Visits" October, 2001