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Articles on Telehealth Care

2015 Articles

Children's hospitals at the forefront of telemedicine
February 2015

Commentary: Direct-to-consumer telehealth care threatens medical home
February 2015

Consumers now can 'visit' doctors via smartphones, computers
February 2015

2014 Articles

Telemedicine extends its reach to home care, palliative care
August 2014

Commentary: Access to care provided by telemedicine must be balanced with safety, quality
September 2014

Despite benefits of mobile device use in pediatrics, challenges remain
April 2014

Tele-audiology improves access to diagnostic hearing evaluations for infants
February 2014

2013 Articles

'Credentialing-by-proxy' streamlines process for provision of telemedicine services
October 2013

Online consults can provide revenue, improve access to medical home
April 2013

Telemedicine a vital tool for patient-centered medical home
August 2013

Telemedicine taking on larger role in emergency departments
July 2013

2012 Articles

Oregon's experience highlights how to extend telemedicine's reach
June 2012

Future looks bright for payment of telemedical services
February 2012

2011 Articles

Success stories: Telemedicine used in variety of ways to improve practice of medicine
November 2011

CMS issues updated regulations on credentialing for telemedicine
July 2011

Technology at work: Telemedicine can deliver better care, increase patient satisfaction, save money
March 2011

AAP News Articles on Telephone Care

2009 Articles

Payment for non-face-to-face care critical to success of patient-centered medical home
May 2009

Coding Corner: Andrew R Hertz
February 2009

2008 Articles

Telephone care requires use of language that paints clear picture for parent, doctor
March 2008

Q & A Telephone Care CPT Codes
February 2008

2008 CPT manual includes telephone care, e-mail visit codes
January 2008