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Mission Statement

The Affiliate Transport Medicine Specialists (ATMS) are dedicated to
improving the care of infants, children and adolescents who require inter-
facility transport by facilitating interactions between members to enhance the
practice of multi-disciplinary neonatal/pediatric transport personnel.

The purpose of the ATMS is to establish multi-disciplinary representation in
the Section on Transport Medicine whose clinical expertise in the field of
neonatal/pediatric transport medicine will cultivate communication, educa-
tion and research related to neonatal/pediatric transport medicine.

The goal is to work collaboratively with Fellows of the American Academy of
Pediatrics Section on Transport Medicine on issues of clinical care, service
delivery, access to care, education, research and administration impacting
neonatal/pediatric transport.
Webra Price Douglas,

Staff Manager
S Niccole Alexander, MPP,

Questions? Contact Niccole Alexander at

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