2006 Coding Slides
Slides available from 2006 Coding Symposium

Need coding advice??? The panelists at the 2006 "Coding Symposium" have made their Power Point slides available
for your viewing pleasure. The slides were presented at the 2006 AAP Section on Urology scientific meeting, Sunday,
October 8, 2006, AAP National Conference & Exhibition.

Cheng | Chromie | Elder | Ewalt | Franco | Vandersteen

Please note:

The opinions expressed herein are those of the authors and are not necessarily representative of the American
Academy of Pediatrics or the AAP Section on Urology.
Thanks again to our panel!

Earl Cheng, MD, FAAP
David Ewalt, MD, FAAP
Israel Franco, MD, FAAP
Jack Elder, MD, FAAP
David Vandersteen, MD, FAAP
William Cromie, MD, FAAP