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Are you interested in joining an online community of pediatric chief residents to share ideas and experiences, solicit suggestions and solutions, and interact with colleagues from around the country? If so, please send an E-mail to: with your name, position, and current training program.

This listserv is open to current pediatric chief residents. Messages can be received individually. Please contact with any questions.

PEDIALINK – HOT TOPICS: Pediatric Leadership Alliance: Challenge the Process

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) chapter officers consistently identify leadership skills as a priority need, reporting the desire to develop stronger skills to run their chapters effectively which ultimately results in improved health outcomes for the children and communities they serve. The AAP responded to this need by offering leadership education and skill building resources through educational offerings, such as the Pediatric Leadership Alliance (PLA) workshops, in blended learning and online formats.

This course highlights one of the leadership concepts from Kouzes and Posners, Leadership Challenge (2007) – Challenge the Process. You’ll learn how to challenge the process through 2 interactive case studies.

Course Objectives:

  • Understand that doing lots of small things lead to big outcome
  • Identify appropriate analyzing tools for change management
  • Define the scope of a project more accurately
  • Recognize stakeholders receptiveness to change
  • Seize opportunity to make things happen instead of waiting for the opportunity
  • Adopt an inquisitive attitude toward others’ opinions and actively learning
  • Promote readiness in others through training
  • Encourage initiatives in others using mental stimulation

This course is FREE until June 13, 2012. For more information and to register visit Pedalink CME Finder and search "leadership".

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