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Current SOMSRFT Leaders

Faisal Malik, MD
Seattle, WA
Ashley Lucke, MD
Vice Chairperson
Grand Prairie, TX
Natalie Stuntz, MD
Immediate Past Chairperson
Columbus, OH
Justin Schreiber, DO
Pittsburgh, PA
Rathi Asaithambi, MD, MPH
District I Coordinator
Boston, MA
Michael Epstein, MD
District I Assistant Coordinator
Boston, MA
Erin Kelly, MD
District II Coordinator
Rochester, NY
Angela Sandell, MD
District II Assistant Coordinator
Buffalo, NY
Lisa Costello, MD
District III Coordinator
Morgantown, WV
Danna Qunibi, MD
District III Assistant Coordinator
Baltimore, MD
Anita Shah, DO
District IV Coordinator
Charlotte, NC
Naylor Brownell, MD
District IV Assistant Coordinator
Charleston, SC
Jennifer Noble, MD
District V Coordinator
Ann Arbor, MI
Heather Abraham, MD
District V Assistant Coordinator
Royal Oak, MI
Michael Colburn, MD
District VI Coordinator
North Liberty, IA
Jennifer Gerardin, MD FAAP
District VI Assistant Coordinator
Minneapolis, MN
Shana Godfred-Cato, DO
District VII Coordinator
Troy, TX
Lauren Gambill, MD
District VII Assistant Coordinator
Austin, TX
Sebastian K. Welsh, MD
District VIII Coordinator
Tripler Amc, HI
Amelia K. Decker, MD
District VIII Assistant Coordinator
Tucson, AZ
Julia Pratt, MD
District IX Coordinator
Los Angeles, CA
Maya Ragavan, MD
District IX Assistant Coordinator
Palo Alto, CA
Markus S. Renno, MD
District X Coordinator
Gainesville, FL
Irina Prelipcean, MD
District X Assistant Coordinator
Gainesville, FL

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