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Current SOMSRFT Leaders

Lauren Gambill, MD, FAAP
Austin, TX
Christian Pulcini, MD, MEd, MPH
Vice Chairperson
Pittsburgh, PA
Ashley Lucke, MD, FAAP
Immediate Past Chairperson
Houston, TX

Angela Sandell, MD
Buffalo, NY

Charles “Trey” Williams, MD 
District I Coordinator
Burlington, VT 
Capt Judy-April Oparaji, MD 
District I Assistant Coordinator
North Bethesda, MD
Courtney Sims, MD
District II Coordinator 
Bronx,, NY
Ashley Landicho, MD, MBA 
District II Assistant Coordinator
Bronx, NY
Courtney E. Pinkham, MD 
District III Coordinator
Danville, PA
Priscilla Mpasi, MD 
District III Assistant Coordinator
Baltimore, MD
Allison “Alli” Black, MD 
District IV Coordinator
Louisville, KY
Cristina Welch, MD 
District IV Assistant Coordinator
Lexington, KY
Jennifer “Jenni” Kusma, MD 
District V Coordinator
Columbus, OH
Danielle “Dani” Maholtz, DO 
District V Assistant Coordinator
Akron, OH
Alexandra “Alex” James, MD, MPH
District VI Coordinator
Columbia, MO
Nathaniel “Nate” Jones, MD 
District VI Assistant Coordinator
Chicago, IL
Natasha Shah, MD 
District VII Coordinator
Austin, TX
Marcial Oquendo, MD 
District VII Assistant Coordinator
Corpus Christi, TX
Sarah Williamson, MD
District VIII Coordinator
Tucson, AZ
Capt Erika Bernardo, MD, FAAP 
District VIII Assistant Coordinator
Fort Sam Houston, TX
Christine Thang, MD 
District IX Coordinator
Glendale, CA
Mehreen Iqbal, MD 
District IX Assistant Coordinator
Palo Alto, CA
John Morrison, MD
District X Coordinator
St. Petersburg, FL
Brittany Bruggeman, MD 
District X Assistant Coordinator
Gainesville, FL

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