Less Stress, More Success - A New Approach to College Admissions and Beyond


Table of Contents



Part One: Dean Marilee Jones: View From the Admissions Office

Chapter 1 My Epiphany
Chapter 2 Parental Behavior and Beliefs
Chapter 3 Why Is the College Admissions Process So Stressful?
Chapter 4 Why Are Kids So Stressed?
Chapter 5 Why Do Parents Act the Way We Do?
Chapter 6 A Better Way to Look at College Admissions
Chapter 7 Dos and Don'ts for Parents in the Admissions Process

Part Two: Dr Ken Ginsburg: What Can Parents Do?

Chapter 8 The Problem With Perfectionism
Chapter 9 Look at Your Child
Chapter 10 Stress and Its Effects
Chapter 11 Fostering Resilience
Chapter 12 Building Competence
Chapter 13 The Value of Free Time
Chapter 14 Changing Thinking Patterns
Chapter 15 Strengthening Confidence
Chapter 16 Connection, Character, and Contribution
Chapter 17 Assuming More Control
Chapter 18 Coping With Stress
Chapter 19 Getting Ready to Leave…and the Year After

Part Three: The Dean of Admissions Talks to Students

Part Four: Just for Teens: A Guide to Managing Stress

Epilogue: Carrots, Eggs, and Coffee





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Excerpted with permission from "Less Stress, More Success-A New Approach to College Admissions and Beyond" Copyright © 2006 Marilee Jones, Kenneth R. Ginsburg, MD, MS Ed, FAAP, with Martha M. Jablow. Published by the American Academy of Pediatrics. All rights reserved.