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CATCH supports pediatricians to collaborate within their
communities to advance the health of all children.

CATCH is proud to collaborate with the following councils and section:

Congratulations to Our Newest Grantees!

Resident Grantees Topic Chapter
Ireen Ahmed, MD & Sheena McDaniels, MD School Health Massachusetts
Stacy Cary-Thompson, MD Overweight & Obesity Georgia
Kourtney Guthrie, MD Access/Barriers to Health Care Florida
Deepa Joshi, MD SIDS Illinois
Ryan Kammeyer, MD Immigrant/Migrant/Undocumented Health Colorado
Joseph Lee, MD Access/Barriers to Health Care Illinois
Gabriela Llaurador, MD & Risa Hoshino, MD Overweight & Obesity New York 3
Nikita Nagpal, MD & Hillary Zieve, MD Overweight & Obesity California 4
Shalin Parekh, MBBch & Rachel Manalo, DO Overweight & Obesity California 1
Renita Pushparajah, MD Overweight & Obesity New Jersey
Amy Rouse, MD & Caitlin Barbarita, MD Parenting/Parent Education Rhode Island
Jessica Simkins, MD, MPH & Shannon Grosse, MD Crisis Intervention Missouri
Emma Steinberg, MD Nutrition California 1
Anshul Vagrecha, MD Immunizations New Jersey

Planning Grantees Topic Chapter
Sarah Atunah-Jay, MD, MPH Mental Health Minnesota
Allen Coffman, MD School Health Tennessee
Steve Feder, DO Medical Home Maine
Veronnie Jones, MD Foster Care Kentucky
Michele McCormick, MD Foster Care Maine
Mikah Owen, MD, MPH Detained & Incarcerated Youth Health Florida
Paul Parker, MD Care Coordination/Case Management California 2
Katherine Williamson, MD Learning Disabilities California 4

Implementation Grantees Topic Chapter
Jene Bramel, MD Behavioral Health Ohio
Ken Cheyne , MD Adolescent Health Iowa
Eleanor Chung, MD Immigrant/Migrant/Undocumented Health California 1
Lisa Gwynn, DO, MBA Immigrant/Migrant/Undocumented Health Florida
Wendy Hunter, MD Health Education & Prevention California 3
Cliff O'Callahan, MD, PhD School Readiness/Head Start Connecticut
Maya Ragavan, MD, MPH Family Violence Massachusetts


One Pediatrician Can Make a Difference

Watch this video featuring Dr. Alejandro Clavier's CATCH project and learn about what it takes to do community work. Dr. Robert Zarr A 2001 CATCH Resident Grant is still going strong. NPR recently featured Dr. Robert Zarr's prescription to help kids get more active.  
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