Improving Adolescent Health Through State-level Collaborative Initiatives


Topic: HIV Prevention

AAP chapters in four states are focusing special attention on preventing HIV infection in the adolescent population. Florida, Georgia, Maryland, and New York placed a priority on adolescent HIV prevention after a team of professionals attended a workshop in September 2005 as part of the AAP Adolescent HIV Prevention Project, funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Division of Adolescent and School Health (CDC-DASH). During the workshop each multidisciplinary team developed an action plan for improving collaboration and coordination of HIV prevention services for youth in their state.

Georgia's team has targeted their efforts on increasing the pediatricians' knowledge of HIV awareness, prevention and testing and the provision of state of the art adolescent reproductive health care; empowering pediatricians to increase collaboration with schools to provide locally responsive sexuality education curricula; and networking with state education officials to improve sexuality education and related health care services. To help achieve these goals, the team is expanding the reach of two education projects. The Adolescent Reproductive Health Education Project (ARHEP), begun in Georgia and now a national project, seeks to increase awareness and knowledge about adolescent reproductive health care among residents, medical students and the broader practicing medical community. The ARHEP training is being offered to GA AAP members and others and was the basis for three sessions at the GA AAP conference in June 2006. The team also is promoting the HIV/AIDS Intervention Prevention Program, or HIP Corps, developed by the Student National Medical Association. Medical students run this program, which provides communities and schools with culturally sensitive HIV/AIDS prevention education. The team is disseminating educational messages around HIV prevention and adolescent sexual health issues through the GA AAP newsletter and plans on distributing information on ways to network with schools, community-based organizations and other groups to create powerful alliances for HIV prevention activities. The team has met with the State Department of Education and in the rural areas, Chitra Mani, MD, FAAP is collaborating with the health department to approach schools to work together on providing tailored HIV prevention education to youth. The team also has developed a resource list to assist at-risk youth in accessing both HIV testing and mental health treatment. For more information contact David Levine, MD, FAAP, at

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