Improving Adolescent Health Through State-level Collaborative Initiatives

New York

Topic: HIV Prevention

AAP chapters in four states are focusing special attention on preventing HIV infection in the adolescent population. Florida, Georgia, Maryland, and New York placed a priority on adolescent HIV prevention after a team of professionals attended a workshop in September 2005 as part of the AAP Adolescent HIV Prevention Project, funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Division of Adolescent and School Health (CDC-DASH). During the workshop each multidisciplinary team developed an action plan for improving collaboration and coordination of HIV prevention services for youth in their state.

AAP District II, with pediatricians representing the three New York state chapters, is working on the project along with representatives from the Department of Health's AIDS Institute and the State Education Department (SED). The New York team's goal is to build pediatricians' capacity to provide adolescent HIV prevention within their office and through collaboration with schools, community organizations, public health agencies and the community. The team's activities include the promotion of the concept that pediatricians spend one to one time with their adolescent patients thereby providing opportunities to ask psychosocial risk assessment questions that pertain to their HIV risk. To learn more about health care providers and adolescent interactions, the team proposed to the SED the addition of three questions to the state Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS). The NY team is working to provide educational opportunities and resources to pediatricians to help provide confidential anticipatory guidance and referrals, with particular emphasis on alternative teen populations. This information and a resource directory of adolescent HIV service programs within New York will be made available through the AAP District II Web site as well as a link to access the Web page for the AIDS Institute's HIV prevention educational materials and order form. In addition, the team will be working with the SED and the AAP chapters to encourage school districts to develop and support the mandated HIV advisory councils. For more information contact Eric Weiselberg, MD, FAAP, at EWeiselb@LIJ.EDU.

Topic: Teen Bill of Rights (Confidentiality)

New York Chapter 3, Committee on Adolescence developed the “New York State Teen’s Health Care Bill of Rights,” which became available in 2005 and was reprinted in 2007.  This is a pocket sized card that explains to an adolescent, his or her health care rights. This project was described in more detail in the Section on Adolescent Health Newsletter, Winter 2008. Contact: Jessica Geslani, NY District II Coordinator,, 516-326-0310

Topic: General Health

Teen friendly booklet and poster describing New York State law pertaining to adolescents' health care rights. It addresses an unmet need and has generalizability once modified to be state-specific, throughout the country.

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