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Talking With Teens About Healthy Sexual Relationships (November 2010)

This 75-minute Webcast will help pediatricians and other health care practitioners, as well as parents, learn how to incorporate a practical and positive approach to talking with youth about healthy sexual relationships. A comparison of sexual health and activity amongst youth in the United States and the Netherlands is offered as a starting point for a new paradigm shift for engageing youth in discussion about healthy sexual relationships.

Amy Schalet, PhD
Tonya Chaffee, MD, MPH, FAAP

Download the slide presentations from the faculty:

Amy Schalet's presentation
Tonya Chaffee's presentation

View the archived recording below:

Helpful Hints for Optimum Viewing:
Due to the length of this video, the slides cannot be enlarged while you are in "play" mode. Please consider printing out the slide presentations (pdf files are located above) to follow along while you listen to the video.

Relevant Resources

To learn more about the research and publications from Amy Schalet, PhD, as well as sign up to be on the mailing list, go to

Information pertaining to Dr. Schalet's research recently appeared in the following New York Times blog:

The adolescent sexual health toolkit, as well as other information and resources for practitioners and youth, can be found in the Adolescent Health Working Group's Web site.

A number of parent resources related to talking with teens about dating and sexual health and more can be found at

Additional links for information about teen dating violence and intimate partner violence can be helpful resources for both parents and adolescents:

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