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International Child Health Network (ICHN) is available. Please visit the ICHN and participate to establish connections that foster cooperation around the world.

ICATCH - Inernational Access to Child Health - Call For Proposals is Open!

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Global Health Service Corps - Baylor International Pediatric AIDS Initiative (BIPAI)

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WHO Vaccine Preventable Diseases Monitoring System
2012 Global summary

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Welcome to the SOICH website

The Section on International Child Health (SOICH) is committed to improving the health and well-being of the world's children. The key components of our approach are:

  • Education
  • Advocacy
  • Research
  • Direct health services and
  • Facilitation of effective global partnerships

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The AAP Section on International Child Health (SOICH) will be hosting its 3rd Annual Global Child Health Abstract Symposium scheduled for Sunday, Oct 12, 2014 during the SOICH H Program at the 2014 NCE in San Diego (  

As part of the poster session, we will also be displaying the entries from the Photo competition-SOICHpix, please see the details below.  

1) Abstracts:
Abstracts pertaining to any aspect of global health in the categories of “original research” and “program evaluation” will be considered for either oral presentation or poster.  Abstracts will be presented as part of the SOICH day-long program on Sunday, October 12 from 9am - 5:30pm.  An excellent panel of speakers has been arranged for the event.

Submit your abstract electronically at:
Deadline for submission: April 11, 2014
 2) Photos:
We will be accepting photos that feature images in 2 categories:

  1. “Compelling Images of International Child Health” - to be accompanied by a brief description of the subject(s) or setting, and
  2. “Clinical Vignettes in International Child Health” - to include a brief description of the presentation and a discussion of the diagnosis (if known).

A panel of judges will select and announce the winning photo during the SOICH NCE Program on October 12.

All the necessary forms for entry into the 2014 SOICHpix Photo Competition are available below: entry form, competition description and details, and authorization for photograph release.
Requirements from contestants:
All photographs should be emailed to
Other documents can be emailed (as Word documents or scanned PDFs) or faxed to 860-545-9800 (Attn: SOICHpix Photo Competition)      

  1. Entry form
  2. Photo: JPEG file 1024 x 784 pixels (larger but not smaller files will be considered)
  3. Signed AAP release form

If your photograph is chosen as a finalist, you will be required to display an 18”-20” x 24”-30” copy of your photograph before 8am on the morning of the SOICHpix Program. Winners are not required to be present at the NCE but do need to make their own arrangements for display of their photographs.
Deadline for submission: April 11, 2014
Hope to see you in San Diego this October!


The International Community Access to Child Health (ICATCH) program provides financial and technical support to pediatricians in developing countries who are in the process of developing and implementing a community-based child health initiative.

Preliminary deadline: June 9, 2014 (Optional deadline - If submitted by this deadline an ICATCH advisor will review your application and provide feedback):

Final deadline: August 15, 2014

Click here for more information about the ICATCH program and how to apply.


AAP National Conference and Exhibition in Orlando, Florida, Section on International Child Health H Program with the 2nd Annual Global Child Health Symposium - Monday, October 28, 2013, 9:00 AM – 5:30 PM.

Winners of 2013 SOICH Abstract Presentations:

1. Best overall abstract presentation
"Bollywood's effect on body-image and dietary habits of adolescent girls in Mumbai, India" - Dylan Graetz, MD/MPH student

2. Best poster
"Etiology and outcomes in Mexican children with influenza-like illness over three consecutive influenza seasons" - Ana Ortiz-Hernandez, MD

Check to watch recorded plenary sessions from the AAP National Conference and Exhibition - October 25-29, 2013 in Orlando, Florida


"The State of the World's Children"

As health care providers working abroad and locally all of you have unique perspectives about the state of child health in your country/state/province/community. If you enjoy writing or reading about experiences throughout the world please check out You will have any opportunity to share your own thoughts!

Committing to Child Survival: A Promise Renewed – Progress Report 2013 - A UNICEF Publication

The annual number of under-five deaths fell from 12.6 million in 1990 to 6.6 million in 2012. But much faster progress is needed to reduce preventable diseases that cause child mortality. This is the second report in a series intended to track progress on child survival and promote accountability for global commitments.

Children and Disasters:

SOICH is working extensively to help our colleagues in other countries who experienced disasters. Working jointly with the AAP's Disaster Preparedness Advisory Council (DPAC) we have been able to reach out to our colleagues and offer free material on disasters and mental health, supplies and moral, educational, and at time physical support. Through DPAC we have additional information available for anyone in or planning to visit the disaster areas. In addition, thePediatric Education in Disaster Manual(PEDS) is available in English and Spanish for free. In addition, through the Friends of Children Fund, the AAP has received donations to help financially as recovery efforts continue. Make your donations online at the Friends of Children Fund donation page.