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April 2015 Newsletter

March 2015 Newsletter

International Child Health Network (ICHN) is available. Please visit the ICHN and participate to establish connections that foster cooperation around the world.

ICATCH - International Access to Child Health

Global Health Links

Global Health Service Corps - Baylor International Pediatric AIDS Initiative (BIPAI)

Health Volunteers Overseas

HIFA 2015


WHO Vaccine Preventable Diseases Monitoring System
2012 Global summary

Donate to SOICH

Donate to SOICH Programs through the AAP Friends of Children Fund

Once you log in to the "Friends of Children Fund" web page, please make sure you designate your funds to the Section on International Child Health - General Support, the ICATCH Program, or the Resident International Elective Awards.

Or call 888/700-5378 and make your donation over the phone. Every bit of support counts!



Global Health Curriculum Toolkit

A working group of Pediatric Global Health Educators has put together has put together a great collection of resources for people interested in global health curricula focusing on children's health. You can use these materials for your own program. If you use any or part of the materials from any of the organizations listed below please notify the contact person as a courtesy to let them know of your intentions.

These extensive resources have been put together through a lot of hard work by many individuals and they would definitely appreciate hearing from you!

For more information about the creation or contents of the toolkit, please contact Melanie Anspacher at

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Global Health Curriculum Toolkit
General/Not affiliated
General Resources
Global Health Education Consortium Residency Handbook
Web resources Ethics and Global Health
Curriculum Objectives
Competency-based Curriculum Objectives Objectives
Educational Content
Curriculum Topics
Recommended Reading
Knowledge Tests
Global Health Tracks and Certificate Programs
Tracks or Pathway(documents or links)
Certificate Requirements
International Electives
Guidelines to Preparing/Choosing a Site
Applications for International Elective
Program/Resident Agreement
Examples of Checklist
Examples of Timeline
Packing Lists
Resident Log
Professionalism Agreement
Health/Safety Recommendations
Waiver of Liability samples
Guidelines for Faculty Mentors
Resident Evaluation Tools
Resident self-assessment Tools
Site evaluation (by resident)
Program evaluation (by resident)